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BRING believes that the future of our planet depends on the education and engagement of our youth. For over 50 years, BRING has provided environmental education to students in Lane County. Our award-winning K-12 program offers hands-on learning experiences that encourage students to live sustainably and embrace the use of reclaimed materials through our Community and Student Product Design Challenges, as well as paid internship programs in the BRINGmade Product Design Studio.
By supporting BRING’s Education Programs, you can make a positive impact on our environment and communities. Your donation of $35, $50, or $100 will help us sustain and expand our programs, including purchasing new equipment, hiring additional staff for student support and offering specialized lessons and presentations for Career and Technical Education (CTE) students.
As part of our annual BRING Gives Back Campaign, we are partnering with Constructing a Brighter Future, a program that builds shelters for those in need while introducing CTE students to the world of construction and related trades.
A teacher helps a high school student use a drill to build the frame of a tiny houseConstructing a Brighter Future brings together a diverse network of educators, community-based organizations and construction industry professionals to design and build shelters for those that are unhoused. In collaboration with Lane Education Service District (ESD), Lane Community College and Lane Workforce Partnership, CTE students from across Lane County are coming together to build shelters that provide a safe place to sleep for those that need it most, and also serves as a hands-on learning experience for young people to develop skills in the trades.
For more information about Constructing a Brighter Future go to:
For every donation received by June 30, 2023, 10% will go to Constructing a Brighter Future to use in the BRING store.
Our goal is to equip the next generation with the skills and knowledge necessary to build successful futures, contribute to our collective well-being, and address the world’s greatest problems with innovative thinking, targeted action, and hard work.
Your belief in BRING’s work means a better future for us all, and we are grateful for your support. Donate today and join us in our mission to provide vision, leadership, and tools for living well on the planet we share.


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