Business Partners

from construction sites to community

Every pound of materials redirected from the landfill makes a difference. Businesses managing large quantities of reusable materials have the potential to create significant impact by partnering with us. From the construction trades and retailers, to manufacturers, school districts, and nonprofits – we appreciate our dedicated major materials partners.

When your business or organization donates more than 500 lbs or $1,000 worth of materials, you become a Reframe Donor. This status signals your commitment to a greener Lane County.

how to become a Reframe Donor

Joining our Reframe Donors’ community is simple. Make a significant or regular contributions of reusable materials to BRING, and sign up below unlock these exclusive benefits. Your support directly fuels our mission of reuse, repair, and community resilience.

Fill out our form to get started!

  1. Quarterly Reports: Stay informed about the impact of your donations with detailed quarterly reports highlighting the weight of materials reclaimed. Witness firsthand the positive environmental change your support is driving.
  2. Tax Receipts: As a major donor, your contributions are tax-deductible. Receive detailed tax receipts to facilitate a seamless process when claiming deductions.
  3. Recognition as a Reframe Donor: Showcase your commitment to sustainability by having your business recognized on BRING’s website and other marketing materials. Your logo and name will be prominently displayed, acknowledging your essential role in supporting our mission.
  4. One-Stop Shop: Streamline your donation process with our one-stop-shop service. If we can’t utilize certain materials, rest assured we will work diligently to recycle responsibly or donate them to another local non-profit.
  5. On-Site Reclamation Services: For large donations, we go the extra mile. Our dedicated staff and volunteers will mobilize to your site for efficient material reclamation and haul away. Contact to schedule the pickup and experience a seamless donation process.

By partnering with BRING, you’re not just supporting a cause; you’re actively shaping a more sustainable and resilient future. Join us in making a difference today.

thank you to our 2024 Reframe Donors