circle of life

Spring is almost here: a time of renewal and new life! All at once, the things that died back months ago are beginning to awaken. At BRING we see that kind of rebirth every day. Old garden tools thrown in the back of a truck to be donated to BRING go on to become a new tool for someone digging fresh flower beds. Cedar boards from a sagging fence are saved from the chipper to become raw material for trellises, bird feeders, and other BRINGmade items. When you donate to BRING, it helps to breathe new life into materials that were once considered waste. When you shop at BRING you are participating in the circle of life.
Used gardening tools lined up against a background of other used garden itemsAs you begin to ready your garden this spring, why not stop by BRING first? BRING has a large garden department filled with gently used tools, composters, hoses, planter pots, and all the basics a garden needs. Often donated by local businesses, you may also find a healthy selection of new pavers, rolled fencing, and dimensional lumber to add structure to your yard. Unique BRINGmade products made from reclaimed materials in our own workshop include trellises, feeders, and birdhouses. These items are always available and add the perfect embellishment to your garden. And you never know, while you’re here you might find an amazing fountain or the perfect piece of statuary to complement your outdoor space.
In the spirit of this season of renewal, we hope you’ll make the trip to the Planet Improvement Center and the BRING store. There is no end to the things you can create when old items are reused, refreshed, and re-imagined.


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