introducing sonya carlson

BRING’s Interim Executive Director

Carolyn’s leadership, strength, and passion has helped BRING thrive through some of our nation’s most challenging economic shocks. She joined BRING during the financial crisis of 2008 and with grace and creativity steered BRING through the pandemic.

BRING has emerged from each of these events stronger and more resilient. So, when I heard that Carolyn was leaving BRING, it’s understandable that I (like many surrounding her) felt like the wind had been knocked out of me.

Carolyn developed a talented team of dedicated, values-driven staff and board members, who will miss her knowledge and motherly presence. Inspired by Carolyn, BRING’s mission will be carried forward with enthusiasm and positivity. We thank Carolyn for her service to BRING and are grateful she is not going far. The most vulnerable people in our community need Carolyn’s tenacity, care, and passion now more than ever and it is with a heavy heart that we accept she is going where she is needed most.

Sometimes when one door closes another door opens. After serving on the Board of BRING for the past six years, I had reached my term limit and gave teary-eyed goodbyes at what I thought would be my last board meeting. The very next day, I received a call asking me to serve as the Interim Executive Director. Being asked to serve BRING in this new way is a great honor, and I am humbled by the support of the BRING community.

While I think my background is uniquely positioned to support BRING, I recognize that carrying forward the impact BRING has been able to achieve relies on the broader ecosystem that has lovingly nourished BRING for over 50 years. Without strong relationships with community partners, conscientious businesses, incredible staff, reliable donors, and committed board members and volunteers this work truly wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for your care and nurturing of the BRING community!

Speaking of ways to serve…we are actively recruiting volunteers and new board members—let us know if you or someone you know is interested in making a positive impact by joining us!

Unique treasures, great deals, and reuse in a non-judgmental culture supported by friendly staff is just a glimpse of what BRING has to offer. BRING is a community treasure and has helped shape our understanding about how to reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink our relationship with stuff. I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to guide BRING and continue to uphold the legacy BRING has earned.


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