join us in our quest to imagine, invent, and inspire a sustainable future

Imagine the possibilities when we dare to dream. It all begins with an idea, and at BRING, another milepost on our journey is marked by the visionary leadership of our Executive Director, Carolyn Stein, who has now transitioned to FOOD for Lane County. As she embarks on this new chapter, we reflect on the power of imagination. Every great idea starts with a vision, and every positive change in the world starts with a dream.

Imagine: Turning Dreams into Reality
A group of 8 people in safety gear holding tools in from of a pale yellow interior wall.
Lane County Demolition Training

For over fifty years, BRING has championed turning dreams into reality. We believe in community-level stewardship, benefiting both people and the planet. Today, we’re reimagining the Construction Materials Recovery and Reuse program, tackling the staggering 400 million tons of construction debris dumped in landfills annually. Our initiative educates the private sector to rescue reusable materials from landfills, transforming potential waste into valuable local resources.

BRING’s commitment to reducing consumption, waste, and promoting reuse is crucial for building a sustainable world for future generations.

But we can’t do it alone; we need your support.

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Invent: Creating Beauty from Waste
A young man dressed in a black shirt and khaki pants, holding a decorative fish wall plaque stands in from of the BRING booth.
Jack, BRING’s Waste Prevention Education Coordinator

Innovation lies at the heart of BRING’s mission. Our Product Design Challenge empowers school-age kids in our community to create new products from what some might call trash. Their designs are awe-inspiring and a testament to the endless possibilities of reimagining materials.

Additionally, our BRINGmade products breathe new life into used materials, making them not only functional but beautiful.

Our commitment to waste prevention, reuse, and sustainable materials management extends to thousands of Lane County students each year. We provide free field trips to waste handling facilities, creating an opportunity for young minds to understand the importance of conservation.

Inspire: Rethinking and Renewing

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink. That’s our mantra. Our technical assistance programs support local businesses in adopting sustainable practices and achieving certification for their efforts. It’s a win-win for the environment and the economy. Our team of sustainable business consultants offer free technical support, connect businesses to utility incentive programs, and deliver valuable resources on a range of topics—from training employees in recycling protocols to installing energy-eficient equipment, and tailoring additional solutions to specific needs.

This is the second year we hosted two paid internships in partnership with Connected Lane County’s Elevate Program. These internships offered young minds the chance to explore resource conservation, creative reuse, and career pathways in environmental and reuse sectors. Together with BRING staff, they used tools and creativity to transform materials into products like jewelry, charcuterie boards, and decorative fish.

Your Gift: Making Dreams Come True
An older man in a hoodie is holding a drill while a young boy wearing a blue shirt uses the drill on a round metal object on a table while a young girl wearing a yellow shirt looks on.
Kids learning to use tools!

BRING’s work inspires young designers and school-age children across Lane County. By donating to BRING, you support hands-on educational programs and workshops that are accessible to all. These programs, the key to our mission, nurture a generation that sees boundless potential in everyday objects. In the coming year we are looking to build more partnerships and provide even more learning experiences for kids and kids at heart.

This Giving Tuesday, please make a donation of $35, $50, $100, or more to help us launch new community-benefit waste-reduction programs. Your contribution will fuel our mission to protect the environment, empower our youth, and inspire businesses to embrace sustainable practices.

Join us in our quest to IMAGINE, INVENT, and INSPIRE a sustainable future.
Your support today is an investment in tomorrow.

Two middle-aged women, both wearing darker blue shirts, holding the mosaic skulls they made in a workshop
Happy Workshop Participants!

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