Education is the key to waste prevention. BRING provides presentations, tours, and educational resources about waste prevention, reuse and recycling, to schools and community groups throughout Lane County. We use cutting edge science to explore the world of materials management, waste reduction, and resource conservation. Our lessons are both universal and incorporate Next Generation Science Standards.

education at BRING
a glimpse into a BRING educational tour
Educating community members about where our waste goes and why it’s so important to generate less of it has always been an important part of BRING’s work. That’s why we offer a range of educational programs and tours to schools, community groups and civic organizations. Have you ever wondered if one is right for the kids in your life? Here’s a glimpse at what happens on one of our most “popular” tours. Every year BRING takes hundreds of local students to Lane County’s Glenwood transfer station and Short Mountain Landfill. Although each trip generates plenty of complaints about bad smells

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