Planet Improvement Center

every visitor learns

Every visitor learns – that’s the vision behind our Planet Improvement Center, a place that combines a building materials thrift store and conservation learning center. The first of its kind in Oregon. As you tour our facility, you’ll see where the wheels of our mission meet the road.

throughout the center you’ll see

  • Heavily remodeled and repurposed buildings
  • High efficiency lighting, lighting sensors and controls, and skylights
  • 12 kw Photovoltaic system
  • Above code insulation
  • Reused building materials incorporated throughout including doors, windows, trim, siding, telephone poles, and furnishings
  • Sustainably harvested bamboo boardwalk
  • Administration building: Roof tipped for passive solar access, thermal glass panes, hydronic heating system, concrete floor containing fly ash
  • New construction: Recycled steel frame bolted buildings, designed to be deconstructed or recycled again at end of life
  • Bioswales filtering stormwater runoff and mitigating impacts of pollution and warm water on nearby Willamette River

garden of earthly delights

Our demonstration garden opens the door to endless possibilities for reusing materials found in our store and is our primary outdoor learning and gathering space. Nearly every plant is edible, including unusual varieties adapted to our region. Accredited by the Oregon Tilth Organic Land Care Program, the site is managed without herbicides or pesticides.

• Unusual and edible native plants
• organic land care
• creative reuse – upcycled greenhouse, historic bridge rails, Chapel of Second Chances, DRAGO-19, toilet tank lid bench, and more!
• rainwater harvesting
• composting demonstration area

land acknowledgement

BRING is located on the traditional indigenous homeland of the Kalapuya. Following treaties between 1851 and 1855, the Kalapuya were dispossessed of their indigenous homeland by the United States government and forcibly removed to the Coast Reservation in Western Oregon. Today, descendants are citizens of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Community of Oregon and the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians of Oregon, and continue to make important contributions in their communities and across the land we now refer to as Oregon. The land we are on is Indigenous land taken by settlers and governments in an ongoing process understood as settler colonialism. We recognize that settler colonialism involves stealing resources and uprooting Indigenous peoples.