Lifestyle & Community Resources

Committed to sustainable living and reclaiming items headed to landfills by transforming them into whacky and wondrous works of garden ornamentation.

The Box
A new tool developed by the folks at BRING and Lane County Waste Management. The Box comes in two varieties: a desk-side version and a larger container, complete with lid, ideal for centralizing recyclable material collection in your school or business.

The Imagination Factory
Creative ideas for children’s scrap art projects. Make Stuff: Ideas for using everyday materials to create arts and crafts.

Eugene Event Sponsorships
City of Eugene loans out an Events Recycling Toolkit for public and private events within the city.

Natural Choice Directory
Provides extensive locally available choices in businesses, products, services and information.

City of Eugene Resources + Tools
Learn how to deliver events sustainably in Eugene.


Reuse-Friendly Businesses

Lane County’s directory of repair shops and services.


For Teachers

Oregon Greens Schools
certification program.

The Environmental Protection Agency provides a website for teachers. Visit “Recycle City” and learn about waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.
excellent site with useful links to all areas of reducing, reusing and recycling.

The Water Page
A great site to start the discussion of water conservation with elementary school kids.

Energy Kid’s Page
information on paper and glass recycling and energy conservation.

NEED Project
Excellent site for teacher resources, student research and involvement.