Specialty Items


BRINGmade is an exclusive product line made entirely from reclaimed materials in our product design workshop. From garden gifts and shelving, to jewelry and home decor – we are dedicated to transforming waste into valuable keepsakes.

You can find our one-of-a-kind upcycled products in-store and online. Visit our online store (local pick-up only) or shop our Etsy. You can also find limited BRINGmade products in other local retailers: Eugene Gear Traders and Hirons on 18th.

Our workshop provides employment and skill-building opportunities in sustainable product design, fostering economic development in our community through innovation.

A portion of our handmade products are possible thanks to our partnership with the Tactics Ride-ON Recycling program. Workshop staff transform broken skateboards, typically destined for landfills, into earrings, tap handles, shelves, coasters, and more.


MetroPaint is previously unused paint remade new. This 100% recycled latex paint is a high-quality product made in Portland. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, we get great reviews from customers! MetroPaint goes through a strict color-matching process to ensure colors are consistent from one gallon to the next. Not only incredibly affordable, but choosing MetroPaint over other brands reduces pollution, conserves resources, and prevents waste. Win-win! Learn more here.


$16 per 1-gallon
$70 per 5-gallon

Primer: Limited Stock!

$16 per 1-gallon
$70 per 5-gallon

Love Food Not Waste compost

An all-purpose natural and organic compost consisting of 100% locally-sourced recycled green waste and food waste material from Eugene residents and businesses who want to help keep organics out of the landfill. This product is processed and packaged locally by Rexius.

$4.75 per bag

Grady Rain Barrels

Harvest your own rainwater with Grady Barrels. Collecting rainwater is an age-old concept that is increasing in popularity today. As our water supply becomes less secure due to contamination and climate change, rainwater collection is a preparedness practice. We stock 55-gallon barrels, make your own barrel kits, and rain diverters for all your rainwater needs. Barrels are made from 100% recycled HDPE food grade plastic and are BPA-free.

$75 per 55-gallon rain barrel with faucet
$85 rain barrel with diverter
$25 diverter
$20 DIY faucet kit

biocycle hybrid poplar

In partnership with the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission, we offer this sustainable waste-to-commodity wood product to the community. The MWMC Biocycle Farm produces poplar wood products used for building materials, paper products, fuel and energy production, and soil amendments to meet its goal of recycling 100% of biosolids for beneficial uses.

Applications: Biocycle poplar has been successfully tested to produce architectural ceiling grilles and plywood veneer. Local millers have turned the poplar into 12-inch wide live-edge slabs, 2-by-6 boards, and 1-by-1 strips. Similar uses of poplar in Oregon have produced molding, trim, and dimensional boards. Lightweight and light-colored poplar is easy to work, takes a variety of stains, and looks great with a clear coat.

Price dependent on size and type.
Sizes range from 8 to 10 ft., 2”x6” to 4”x14”
$7.50 to $44.30 per board

Prime Forest Products wood

Prime Forest Products is partnering with us to get quality, reusable wood recirculated in the community. This material is a byproduct of the company’s door and window manufacturing programs.

Prime Forest is one of 23,000 companies worldwide to participate in the 2023 CDP (formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project) located in the United Kingdom. For more information visit their website: www.primeforest.com

Price varies based on board size, length and composition.

StoveTec biomass cookstoves

Rocket stoves are perfect for survival situations when traditional fuels may be in short supply or unavailable, as well as for outdoor recreational uses. You can burn wood or charcoal for high-power cooking and lower temperature simmering. Perfect for your emergency preparedness kit.

$95 Big Foot Deluxe Multi Fuel Cookstove
$55 FireFly Wood Fired Lantern & Compact Cookstove
$55 Super Pot

Earth Machine composter

The 80-gallon Earth Machine is a durable backyard compost bin designed to compost food and yard waste, effectively diverting it from landfills. Turn kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost.

$70 each


Our retail space offers a unique opportunity for makers to take their upcycled products to market. Consignment products complement our reclaimed materials selection including tables, jewelry, shopping bags, and more.

Do you have unique, upcycled creations sitting idle, yearning for a new home? Consign your creations with us. Contact consignment@bringrecycling.org to learn more.