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BRING is an acronym which represents our roots – Begin Recycling In Neighborhood Groups.

Since our establishment, BRING has been dedicated to spearheading local recycling efforts and education, which in turn kept valuable materials out of our landfill. Over time our focus has evolved, and we now recognize the higher importance of reuse, repair, and resiliency as tools for environmental justice and required responses to climate change.

We love rehoming funky hidden treasures and basic building materials alike! Reclaiming valuable building materials and home goods from waste extends the life of our landfill, reduces consumption impacts on climate change, prevents pollution, and helps our community be more resilient. Our current housing crisis and rising costs of living underscore the need for affordable materials.

Your financial support plays a vital role in sustaining our organization. Donate today to help us continue our work.

Founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 1971, BRING’s tax identification number is 23-7137120.

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