more than a store

We are a vibrant community of passionate individuals working towards a greener future. And we need your help to make it a reality.

Nurture your philanthropic spirit, and become a part of something bigger. From hands-on workshops to warehouse wizardry, we’ve got a volunteer opportunity for everyone.

Workshop Enthusiasts:
Dive into creativity! Assist in public workshops like Birdhouse Making, Mother’s Day Tile Stepping Stones, and Mosaic Skull Crafting. Join us seasonally for hands-on fun.

BRINGmade Helpers: Engage in the magic of BRINGmade products! Join us in the pre and post-production process, where training is provided. Be part of crafting sustainable treasures with a team that values creativity and environmental impact.

Garden Keepers: Cultivate joy in our Garden of Earthly Delights! Join our seasonal team tending to flourishing plants and trees. Share in the bounty as all that grows is open for public gleaning.

Receiving Crew: Be the heartbeat of our donations department! Join us in cleaning, stocking, and making minor repairs to donated materials. Your efforts play a crucial role in diverting usable items from the landfill.

Warehouse Champions: Join the hustle! Clean, sort, stock, and organize in our warehouse. Engage with customers and dive into a world of tasks and learning opportunities. There’s always something exciting happening!

Wood Whisperers: Embrace the art of wood! Join us in BRING’s lumber yard. Organize lumber, assess donated pieces, and maintain tidy racks of plywood and molding. Uncover the potential for salvage or scrapping.

Bike Area Steward: Sort and organize the bicycle parts area. Recycle parts with minimal value to create space for new inventory. Knowledge of bike repair and component value is beneficial. Join us in pedaling sustainability forward!

Material Recovery Heroes: Make an impact on-site! Receive training, guidance, and travel to project sites. Help recover materials from buildings marked for deconstruction, salvaging materials with purpose.

Social Media Mavericks: Ignite our online presence! If you’re a social media enthusiast, join our team. Your creativity will help spread the word about BRING’s mission and events. Be part of the digital impact!

Office/Clerical Whizzes: Behind-the-scenes brilliance! Assist in our office with clerical tasks. Your organizational skills keep our operations running smoothly, supporting the heart of our environmental initiatives.

Plant Care Guardians: Maintain the lush greenery in the admin office at BRING. Your green thumb ensures our spaces remain vibrant and welcoming.

Simply fill out our online volunteer form and our Volunteer Coordinator will promptly reach out to you. Soon you’ll be on your way to making a significant impact in your community!

Volunteer orientations are held the first Saturday and third Friday of every month for at 10 a.m.