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Over fifty years ago, BRING was founded to inspire action to protect the environment. Our founders believed that stewardship had to be done at a community level, for the benefit of people and the planet.

Today, these principles still hold true. BRING’s work to reduce consumption and waste and encourage reuse remains critical to ensuring a sustainable world for future generations.

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BRING staff are dedicated sustainability champions. Every interaction in our retail store and donation area is an opportunity to engage and educate about the benefits of reuse. Collecting reusable materials ensures that fewer goods make their way to the landfill, conserving natural resources, and making usable items available at low cost to the public. Many of these valuable materials are also being put to use in the BRING product design studio, where used materials are given a second life.

Two men and two women working on products in the woodshopThis year, for the first time ever, in partnership with Connected Lane County’s Elevate Program, BRING hosted two paid internships in the studio, offering the next generation opportunities to gain valuable knowledge about resource conservation, creative reuse, and career pathways in the environmental and reuse sectors. Students worked one-on-one with BRING staff to learn how to use shop tools, including the CNC router, miter and bandsaws, and hand tools. Each student participated in creating BRINGmade products including jewelry, charcuterie boards, and simple furniture, and they were encouraged to create a project of their own. This resulted in fresh styles for designs already in production, which ended up being some of our best-selling pieces.

The Student Product Design Challenge is another BRING program that is free to school-age kids in our community. The program provides kids with store credit and access to materials to make an item of their own design. Each year, the designs amaze us! And our education programs don’t stop there.

A young student standing in front of the rainwater catchment device he built.Now that kids are back in school, BRING’s other education programs are in high demand too. Each year, thousands of Lane County students learn about waste prevention, reuse and sustainable materials management thanks to our award-winning education program. We provide free field trips to Lane County waste handling facilities and the Planet Improvement Center, and hands-on workshops and demonstrations.

BRING’s work is inspiring young designers and school-age children across Oregon. By donating to BRING, you are supporting hands-on educational programs and activities that are accessible to all.

BRING’s education programs are key to our mission. When young people are inspired to look at the things we use in our everyday lives and see new possibilities, they steward the vision of BRING’s founders into the future. Thank you for contributing to BRING.


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